November 2, 2011

On September 1, 2011, the VCRD had their annual  membership meeting, followed by a Board of Trustee meeting. New Board of Trustee members were approved

at this meeting. The board now consists of eleven positions, one of which is vacant. On November 2, 2011 Richard Sorensen was elected by the board as Chairman of the VCRD replacing Deja Mitchell.


          March 2011

Two Ogden Valley advocacy groops merged on March 1, 2011. The Ogden Valley Protection Council (OVPC) merged with the VCRD under the VCRD title. The VCRD has expanded the Board of Trustees to 11 members from 7

to include four new members from the OVPC.


          May 2009

          The VCRD Membership elected Richard Sorensen

          to the Board of Trustees replacing John Kimball, John

          will remain as VCRD Treasurer. The members also     

          elected Leon Fielding to a new term on the Board.

          The Board elected Deja Mitchell to serve as

          Chairperson for the VCRD replacing Larry Zini.


          March 2008

          We have elected Deja Mitchell of Eden to the

          VCRD Board Of Trustees replacing Dawn Goode

          who resigned this month.


January 2008
We have just elected two new members to the VCRD Board Of Trustees, John Primbs and Bill Green.  Dennis Shaw has resigned from the Board but will still be active in the VCRD.


May 2008

The VCRD Board of Trustees voted unanimously to dismiss the lawsuit against Weber County concerning Bison Creek Ranch without prejudice at their April meeting. A letter was sent to legal counsel informing them of the vote.

This vote was taken after legal counsel advised the Board that Weber County changed their Subdivision Ordinance in February 2008 to include flood plains and wetlands as developable, and that these lands will be counted towards density. If the VCRD continued the lawsuit the VCRD stood a good chance of invalidating the approach Weber County used when granting density numbers to Bison Creek Ranch, but Bison Creek Ranch could simply resubmit under the new ordinance and would be granted the same density numbers it has today.




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