A new facility now exists on the Weber County Planning web site. The Planning Department has implemented a system called 'Miradi'  The home page for the system describes it as:

Miradi is a collaborative electronic reviewing and project tracking solution for Weber County which means 'project' in Swahili. Miradi treats everything as a project. An ordinance amendment, building permit, subdivision, board of adjustment appeal, and business license are all examples of different types of land use activities and permits. At an abstract level, each example is a project involving many unique properties, aspects, people, and reviewing agencies.

Interested parties can access the system off the Planning Department's home page at: http://www.co.weber.ut.us/mediawiki/index.php/Planning or directly at http://miradi.co.weber.ut.us/

To get maximum benefit from the new system individuals should establish a user id which allows you to receive updates on specific projects.



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